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Portland, OR

Seminar Series on Michael Eigen Ph.D. in Portland, Oregon

This seminar offers an intensive look at the psychology and dynamics of madness, with its therapeutic roots in the relational unconscious, and its links to creativity. We will cover some of the core components of psychoses, including hallucinations, mindlessness, boundary issues, hate, reversal, and questions surrounding the nature of reality or truth.

The seminar series will be held weekly on Michael Eigen’s The Psychotic Core. The first meeting will be September 20th, 2015 and we will conclude on December 6, 2015. This series is open to the general public and will take place in the Pearl District of NW Portland, Oregon.

“Understanding the psychodynamics of madness is essential to the therapy of most patients, including those who are not diagnosed as mad in the literal sense. Overtly psychotic individuals make up a relatively small proportion of both the general and patient populations, but psychotic attitudes and stages can be components of a broad range of emotional states and mental disorders. The borderline and narcissistic personalities are but two examples of disorders of the self that necessitate the therapist’s awareness of the mad dimension of life.”(from the preface)

In this, his first book (1986, 2004) Eigen “… draws on Freud, Jung… object relations and self psychologies, and, particularly, the work of Winnicott, Bion, and Elkin. He describes and critiques the basic ideas on the dynamics of psychoses, and contributes a working orientation that does madness justice. This book is highly personal but no less rigorous for that. The rigor is of a subjective sort, a bearing witness, a probing. The essential test is whether it helps us become a little less afraid of ourselves in ways that are not destructive and, relatedly, whether the quality of our experiencing capacity is a bit enriched.” (cover comment)

Please contact seminar leader Robin Bagai, Psy.D. for more information. Rdbagai@gmail.com

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