Information about the Pacific Northwest Branch

This site is for the Pacific Northwest Branch of ISPS-US, which is a chapter of ISPS.  Our purpose it to facilitate networking between people interested in advancing psychological and social approaches to psychosis, and to increase awareness of, and to sponsor educational events and public discussion that further this mission.

During the rainier parts of the year, we sponsor a once a month “psychosis study group” which meets online in the evening.

This FREE study group is for people who wonder about how we might be helpful to people who might be hearing voices, experiencing paranoia, or who seem to be living in a different reality, in particular in cases where medication doesn’t seem to help much, or doesn’t seem acceptable.

We explore that question by examining approaches developed around the world by both professionals and by people with lived experience of psychosis!  At each meeting, we typically have a presentation (live or video) about a particular approach, followed by discussion and sometimes even a bit of practice.

This study group is designed primarily be of interest to mental health workers, but may also be of interest to family and friends of people having troubles, or to people trying to relate better with their own experiences.


To get on the email list to be notified about each of our meetings, go to and enter your contact information.  Please check that you want to be a member of the “Eugene Area Group” and the click “subscribe” at the bottom of the form.  You can also email any questions to Ron Unger LCSW at

Please also send an email if you are promoting an event in the Pacific NW that relates to our topic.

5 thoughts on “Information about the Pacific Northwest Branch

  1. yes, I’d like to be included in your emailings about ISPS-US events in the Northwest. Recently relocated to the Midwest, from Silverton, Oregon, please also include any ISPS-US events within the Greater Kansas City , Missouri area. Thank you for your work. Lois

  2. Hi! I am interested in potential information on this site, specifically posted events and ongoing meetings, but it looks like additions to this site are quite out of date. Is there an alternative site that is being used?

    • This site is seldom updated, but I did just look at it today (July 11, 2019) and the information for ongoing groups is pretty current. Except I don’t know if MindFreedom Seattle is still doing anything.

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