Ongoing Meetings

The information below is about support and/or discussion groups related to psychological or social approaches to “psychosis.”  Unless it says otherwise, it should be assumed they are NOT affiliated with ISPS-US-PNW

Hearing Voices groups:

There are now quite a few hearing voices groups meeting in the Pacific NW!  These groups are a great place for anyone having experiences that might be called “psychotic” to meet with others and discuss how to make sense of, and how to deal with, these experiences.  You can find out what might be happening in your area by going to  Note that if you use the link to access the list of groups by state, you can drill down to find out more information and contact information for each group.  

There is also a hearing voices group in Vancouver BC (you won’t find that on the US list!) more info at


MindFreedom Oregon fights for human rights in the mental health system, and organizes some public meetings and webinars:  

Portland OR

Rethinking Psychiatry aims to create a more hopeful, humane and effective mental health care model.  They hold various kinds of meetings and events oriented toward that goal.

Eugene OR

Our Psychosis Study Group (details here) is currently meeting online, but will probably resume meeting in person once Covid risk is sufficiently reduced.  


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